There is a strong beat in God’s heart for creative gifts being released through people who are being cleansed, filled and skilled up.  Prophetic people and dreamers tend to also be creative – they might write, paint, sculpt, dance or sing.  I believe there is a coming release of creativity that will reflect the heart of God, and release that to the world.

“Dreams are the same creative essence as the arts.  They come from the same source: God.  They illuminate the same spiritual process.  All of the arts have a revelatory distinction.  They take that which does not exist and bring it into existence.”  – John Paul Jackson

I was recently a Feast of Tabernacles in Scotland with Bonnie Chavda, exploring the relationship between the prophetic and artistic expression.  I painted this image of the Spirit moving in this time.

If you’re prophetic and creative, be encouraged – this is your time! God is challenging me to go further in Him and in my creative craft, and I encourage you to develop your craft, grow your spirit, and become more whole and healed as a person.

Exciting times!