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a Streams training centre

We exist to help you to understand the whispers of God – how He speaks, what He’s saying, what you can do to walk in the fullness of all He has for you. 

Why Train With Us?

  • We teach a solid, biblical model of interpretation, and help people develop the character and skills needed to steward prophetic ministry
  • We believe everyone can grow in hearing and understanding God’s voice – and we’d love to help you grow in connecting with God
  • We’re passionate about helping people understand their dreams, visions, metaphors, and interpret the whispers of God
  • We’re accredited by and in relationship with one of the worlds leading biblical dream interpretation ministries – Streams Ministries International
  • Book in for one of our Lab Sessions, Workshops or Academy Courses – or contact us about hosting an in-person workshop or training course

 About Cherie

Gifted Dreamer, Certified Teacher & Instructor

Cherie is a certified Streams Ministries teacher and instructor. A gifted dream interpreter, she has a passion and anointing for helping people discover how God speaks and become revelatory sons and daughters of our loving heavenly Father. Cherie fell in love with hearing God’s voice and has seen many people grow in their revelatory journeys with God.

Cherie is also an artist, and runs workshops in Creative Journalling. Trained by the late John Paul Jackson she brings a solid biblical perspective to creativity, dream interpretation, and developing a prophetic lifestyle. Cherie is an Elder at Catch The Fire Auckland Church, and leads the Prayer Priority for the Oceania Catch The Fire churches.

About the Team

Cherie is supported by her husband Matt who is an NZ business leader, bass player and worship leader, an Elder at Catch The Fire Auckland Church, and leads the worship priority for the Oceania Catch The Fire churches

Together they have raised 3 wonderful sons who love God, are passionate worshippers themselves, and help out with Streams

The wider Streams Pacific ministry and teaching team has trained with Streams International and Cherie in dreams and revelation and are skilled and anointed in dream and prayer ministry. They are ready to help you

What others are saying

I highly recommend Cherie to speak, minister, and teach equipping seminars. I believe that anyone that invites her would be truly blessed by God moving through her. She has incredible revelation, insight, and integrity, and is hungry for all that God has available and is willing to pursue Him to find it. God continues to increase the favor on her life and I look forward to seeing all that He will do through her in the coming years.

John E. Thomas

President, Streams Ministries International

Cherie is anointed in the whole area of night dreaming. I have personally received from her 2 key interpretations of prophetic dreams where I knew the Lord was speaking profoundly to me but couldn’t quite fit all the puzzle pieces of the dream together with it’s vivid symbolism.

Cherie was able to empower and guide me in a Holy Spirit lead interpretation where I clearly could see what the Father was speaking to me and therefore become more confident in a direction my calling was taking me. 

Dreams are precious treasures the Lord gives and Cherie treats them with the reverence and value. I recommend her ministry to you.”

Andy Piggott

Senior Leader, Bethel Church, Aotearoa New Zealand

I cannot speak highly enough of Cherie’s love of God, her personal integrity and her commitment to unveiling the power of dreams, pictures and visions in the lives of Christians.

For those who are seeking a deeper experience of God and who wish to pursue their understanding of the work of John Paul Jackson, I would unhesitatingly recommend this course.  What a blessing for us in New Zealand to have this resource.

Kaylene Subritzky

Director, Dove Ministries

Cherie has diligently studied the revelatory realm and has mature insight and understanding of biblical dream language. She is knowledgable and gifted in drawing insight from dreams and visions to unlock what God is saying for people’s lives.

Cherie operates in her gift in a loving way which leads the hearer into a life-changing encounter with Father God. She has been a great support to us when we have received dreams we needed to interpret what God was saying, some being pivotal to our direction and leadership decisions resulting in great outcomes.

We wholeheartedly recommend Cherie and know she would be a blessing wherever she ministers. 

Stuart & Lynley Allan

Senior Leaders, Catch The Fire Church, Auckland

About Streams Pacific Training Centre

Located in Auckland, New Zealand we’re passionate about helping people understand their dreams, and interpret the whispers of God.

We believe everyone can grow in hearing and understanding God’s voice – and we’d love to help you grow in connecting with God and growing your lifestyle.

We’re called to teach a solid, biblical model of dream interpretation, and help people develop the character and skills needed to steward healthy prophetic ministry.

About Streams Ministries International

Streams Ministries was birthed by the late John Paul Jackson. John Paul’s heart was to see a Prophetic Reformation, helping people grow in gifts of prophecy, dreams, with: 
  • healthy biblical wisdom, understanding and skill
  • embracing a journey of transformation
  • with health in church life and how they related with others. 
John E. Thomas leads Streams Ministries from the base in Texas. 
We are part of the Streams family around the world that seeks to carry on the call and legacy to growing health and maturity in our life in God, with others, and in the gifts of God. 

Is God really still speaking this way?

Throughout the bible, God spoke to his children through dreams, visions and metaphorical revelation.  Here’s a small subset: 

Old Testament

  • Joseph had a prophetic dream as a boy where his family bowed down to him (see Genesis 37:5) – and which came true (see Genesis 43:26)
  • Joseph interpreted dreams for Pharoah (see Genesis 41) which promoted Joseph to Pharoah’s right hand man and set in motion the next few hundred years of Israel’s history
  • Daniel interpreted a dream for King Nebuchadnezzar which promoted him to Ruler of the province of Babylon – a position of huge influence (see Daniel 2)

New Testament

  • Joseph has a dream telling him to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt to escape the killing of the innocents (see Matthew 2:13)
  • Joseph had a dream telling him to return Mary and Jesus to Israel (see Matthew 2:19)
  • Paul had a dream telling him that Ananias would come to him and restore his sight after his Damascus Road experience (see Acts 9:12)


And He’s still speaking like this today

  • We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you to interpret and steward their revelation from God – and we’d love to help you.

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