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Want to grow your prophetic gifts?

Grow Understanding

Understanding revelation can be tricky!  If you’re looking to grow how you receive and interpret revelation – and what to do with it – join us online (via Zoom) in these practical two-hour workshop settings

Ready to grow?   


Highly interactive, our workshops are jam packed with biblical wisdom and practical tools to develop your ability to hear, interpret, and act on revelation.

A mix of teaching, discussion, interpretation and activations, workshops will help to develop your understanding and application of the prophetic voice of God.

Join Cherie Trent, a seasoned revelation interpreter and professional teacher as she shares the keys God has taught her to decipher and respond to revelation for herself and others.

We invite you to our workshops – to grow and mature in your prophetic gifts. 

IN a Nutshell

There are five Workshops:

  1. Hear through dreams and prophecy
  2. Process your prophecy and revelation
  3. Steward your revelation
  4. Develop your sonship
  5. Expand your spirit

Each online workshop is delivered via Zoom and approximately 2 hours long and is filled with practical activations.

The material is designed to grow your ability to hear from God, and better interpret and apply the revelation you receive.  Always spirit-led, workshops are a safe, supportive environment where no question is too simple, and whether you’re new or seasoned in hearing the voice of God, you’ll grow your understanding and practice.

Cherie has ministered in Aglow NZ meetings for several years now and every time I have heard her speak I’m aware of a refreshing Holy Spirit anointed vibrancy that she releases into the room. 

She is not only an astutely gifted teacher, firmly grounded in the Word of God, but also brings a strong prophetic edge, particularly evident in her skill to interpret dreams and her ability to both hear and impart Father’s heart to those she ministers to.

I would not hesitate in recommending her to those looking for a ministry which has a “now” message which promotes above all else the love and power of our mighty God through His Son, Jesus, and the establishing of His glorious Kingdom here on the earth as it is in heaven.

Yvonne Bartlett

National Prayer Coordinator, Aglow NZ National Board


Through Dreams and Prophecy

God is speaking to you today – are you hearing?  Understand scripturally how God is communicating all around the world and how He wants to talk with you.  Join us as we dig into the biblical foundations of prophecy, dreams and visions, and expand your expectations of how God will speak to you.

Do this workshop if:

  • You think God might be speaking to you but you’re not sure
  • You want to learn to recognise God’s voice better
  • You’re not sure of the origin of your dreams – are they from God?
  • You want to build your Biblical understanding of ways that God speaks
  • You’re hungry to grow your understanding of revelation


Your Prophecy and Revelation

Join a workshop on how to process prophecy and revelation.  Learn how to discern what God is saying, and what to do with it.  Based on the biblical ways that God speaks, find keys to understand and align with what God is saying to you


Do this workshop if:

  • You don’t know what the images you see mean
  • You are looking for biblical interpretation principles
  • You feel frustrated with some revelation and want more clarity
  • You need steps to process the revelation you’re receiving
  • You want to agree with what God is saying to you


Your Revelation

Unpack how God is speaking to your identity through prophetic revelation from the bible, prophecy, dreams and visions.  Learn steps to help you align with what God is calling you to do and be. 

Do this workshop if:

  • You have promises from God that you want to see happen
  • You want to know what steps you could be taking to partner with Him
  • You want to understand your role in seeing God’s promises fulfilled
  • You’re not sure what part timing and our preparation plays in the promises of God


Your Sonship

Maturing as a son (and this applies to men and women) is one of the privileges of walking with God – and yet there are many things that stop us developing a true sense of our identity as sons of a loving Father, and limit the revelation we can steward.  Learn who – and Whose – you are and how to move from an orphan to a son   


Do this workshop if:

  • You’re hungry to grow spiritually
  • You want to understand how to mature in God
  • You want to understand the 4 stages of spiritual maturity
  • You experience issues holding you back from your call


Your spirit

See yourself how God sees you by receiving identity and legitimacy with the spirit of sonship. Learn how to blessing your Spirit into the fullness of life abundant in God. Learn how to choose to live by the Spirit rather than the soul

Do this workshop if:

  • You’re looking to accelerate your spiritual growth
  • You want to learn how to bless yourself – and others
  • You want to understand more about the difference between the spirit and soul
  • You read that bible story about Paul’s shadow healing people – and want to understand how!

We also have Academy Courses

Want to go deeper and develop the character and gifting to steward and interpret revelation at greater levels?  Our Academy Courses are 20 hours of in-depth, biblical training – comprehensive, practical courses that grow heart, character & gifting

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