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Deeper training to steward revelation
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Want to develop your prophetic voice?


At Streams Pacific we know you are hungry, humble people who want to know with understanding what God is saying and walk in that with wisdom. 

You need a path to help you grow and practice so you can mature in a spiritual life, hearing God’s voice and understanding His ways.


God promises in Joel 2 and Acts 2 that the gift of revelation will increase, with prophecy, dreams and visions.

How can you align with that promise?  We know the disconnect you can experience when you receive revelation and encounter roadblocks in understanding heavenly communication and experiences – and wonder what steps to take. 

That’s why we offer a journey to grow in favour with God and people, and in wisdom and understanding of how to steward and interpret revelation.

We invite you on our Academy pathway – to grow and mature in prophecy, visions and dreams, stewarding revelation, and helping you do life well with God and others. 

Emphasis for 2022


In 2022 we’re only running our Academy courses if we’re invited to run them for a group (minimum 10 people).  If you’d like to invite us into your group, please Contact Us and we’d be happy to talk through options.

See below on this page for the 3 courses we offer – either in person or online:

  1. Live the Art of Hearing God
  2. Grow Understanding of Dreams & Visions
  3. Advance your Practice of Dreams & Visions


Our key teaching focus for 2022 is mentoring as part of the Streams Ministries International Academy training.   You can sign up for the training, and get the mentoring in a South Pacific timezone! 

Each of the six modules offered through Streams Academy Prophetic & Revelatory Training plunge you into a deep, exhilarating dive, and fully soak you with a prophetic ministry experience that will transform your spiritual walk no matter where you are on your journey. You’ll first learn about and then practice essential skills that will fine-tune your ability to hear Godincrease your understanding of His voice and heart, and propel you towards your destiny so that you can effectively embrace (and wield) the transformative powers offered to you. With the completion of each module, your intimacy with God and trust in His hand to guide you will grow exponentially.

In a Nutshell

There are three Academy courses:

  1. Live the Art of Hearing God
  2. Grow Understanding of Dreams & Visions
  3. Advance your Practice of Dreams & Visions

Each course is approximately 20 hours long (split over multiple teaching sessions), has a comprehensive course manual, and are filled with practical activations.  You’ll have time to process the material in your own time between sessions

The material is designed to grow your revelation gift, regardless of the sphere you operate in.  We’ll guide you through a maturing process through courses that carry anointing to grow in the Word of God, understanding His ways, heavenly wisdom and walking with Him. If you are hungry, humble and ready, come learn with us.

Each course was developed by John Paul Jackson over 30+ years of ministry, and Streams Pacific is an accredited training centre. 

For over 15 years I have been impressed and excited about the teaching materials and resources that John Paul Jackson and Streams Ministries have given the church. The depth, insights and challenge to go deeper with Jesus have been so foundational for me that I find myself revisiting them over and over. I love the heart of Streams to work alongside each local church and leadership team to enable them to grow and mature in the revelatory gifts and bring genuine integrity to prophetic ministry – something that so many Christians leaders long for. The biblical teaching on dreams and their every day application is life transforming stuff – be brave if you dare embark on that adventure!

Dean Smyth

Executive Pastor, Upper Room


The Art of Hearing God

Stewarding revelation is a mix of growing a gift and growing character – limiting growth in either will limit the effectiveness of your ministry and life. We want to help you grow a life that can carry the weight of the glory of God.  Learn the godly values and life principles to steward revelation.

Do this course if:

  • You long to hear from God at a deeper level
  • You feel you’re called to steward revelation
  • You’ve reached a cap on the level revelation you receive
  • You’ve seen prophetic voices burn out and don’t want that to be you
  • You want to grow in favour with God and people


Understanding of Dreams and Visions

God’s continually speaking – and in ways that may surprise you! Dreams, metaphors, images, visions, impressions – the Bible talks about all of these things. Develop your understanding of how He speaks and bring clarity to what He’s saying to you – and to others.


Do this course if:

  • You have a prophetic gift that you want to sharpen and develop
  • You dream (or even if you have or have had nightmares)
  • You get pictures from God (or want to!)
  • You wonder if what you’re hearing is from God
  • You want a deeper understanding of how God speaks through metaphors & images
  • You desire to interpret the mysteries of God – for yourself and others
  • You want to understand the difference between Biblical and secular dream interpretation methods


Your Practice of Dreams and Visions

This advanced course in stewarding and interpreting revelation digs deeper into the Biblical model of revelation interpretation – growing and enhancing your skills, knowledge and understanding.

Do this course if:

  • You’ve taken our other courses and are hungry to go deeper in developing your gifts of revelation and interpretation.
  • You want to take the revelation gifts beyond the church in a stronger way
  • Note: Our other two courses (Live – the Art of Hearing God, and Grow – Understanding of Dreams & Visions) are prerequisites for taking this course

We also host Lab Sessions

Our Lab Sessions are 1 hour of teaching, interpretation and encouragement

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The Art of Hearing God

Grow favour with God & people

Did you know you can put a cap on the revelation you receive?

If we don’t understand how to grow to find favour with God and people (Luke 2:52) we can feel frustrated in the level of revelation we get, and how it’s received by others.

This foundational course for prophetic revelation contains practical teaching to grow wisdom,  understanding and character to take your prophetic journey to the next level – of life, maturity and joy, growing with God, growing your prophetic gifting and finding favour (in how you turn up with others).

Syllabus Includes:
  • 3 Essential Strengths needed for Prophetic Ministry
  • Prophetic Time Periods & Prophets in the Bible
  • Steps to Spiritual Listening
  • Recognising God’s voice
  • Practical Tips for Delivering a Word
  • Steps to walking in prophetic authority
  • Understanding metaphors
  • Doing Life with Holy Spirit
  • Spiritual Authority and Leadership
  • The Issue of Lawlessness and biblical lessons
  • Godly Meditation
  • The differences between Prophets and Psychics
  • Brain Science and the revelation gift – perceiving and communication styles
  • The Prophet, Revelatory Ministry and the Church
Some of the activities:
  • Personal one-on-one practice hearing God for others.
  • Prophetic activation at the end of each course.
  • Network with others who want more of God’s revelation.


  • A hungry, humble and teachable heart!

This Academy Course was developed by John Paul Jackson over 30+ years of ministry


Understanding of Dreams & Visions

How does God speak?

Why would He use such a mysterious form of communication like dreams? 

This course, developed by John Paul Jackson from more than 30 years of experience and study, has transformed many lives. Come and discover how God uses these messages from eternity to answer questions like: 

  • What does God want to do in this situation in my family, my job, my church, or my nation? 
  • What does God think about me? 
  • Are all dreams from God? 
  • Are there supernatural encounters that happen in dreams?

The prophecy in Joel 2 reveals that God will speak through dreams. It’s assumed that we would know it’s Him speaking, but we don’t. This course will equip you to not only hear Him speak this way, but also understand what He is saying.

You will learn to discover the dream vocabulary God uses and how to receive and remember your dreams. You will learn the difference between a Biblical, God-inspired interpretive method and the popular secular methods that shroud the dream instead of revealing it. 

This course puts foundational interpretive tools in your hands that you can use for years to come. 

What if last night God gave you the answer to the questions you have been asking? 

Syllabus Includes:
  • Introduction to Visions
  • Biblical Terminology and Bible Study for Dreams and Visions
  • History of Dreams from God
  • Dreams: God’s Night Parables
  • Models of Dream Interpretation (secular vs biblical models)
  • Basic Types and Symbols
  • Intuitive Dream Recording
  • Basic Interpretation Skills
  • Dream Functions
  • 20 Categories of Dreams
  • Spectrums of Light
  • Parabolic Principles in Dreams
  • Elements of Dreams
  • Colours in Dreams
  • Five Ways of Recording Dreams
  • How to Remember Your Dreams
  • Developing Your Dream Vocabulary


  • We recommend taking Live – The Art of Hearing God before this course.

This Academy Course was developed by John Paul Jackson over 30+ years of ministry


Your practice of Dreams & Visions

Developing your gift of interpretation

This advanced workshop is an instructor-driven intensive to help you mature in your gifts. It delves deep into metaphorical language and the Biblical model of dream interpretation.

By applying these techniques to your own dreams, you will mature in your gift. As your skills and ability to listen to the Holy Spirit improves, you’ll be able to share this gift with others by interpreting their dreams.

Topics include:

  • What the mysterious Greek word poikilos can tells us about the role colour plays in dreams
  • How to view dreams in the light of the “ways of God”
  • How to improve dream memorisation
  • The difference between interpreting dreams in the Church and interpreting dreams in the secular world
  • What it means to flip a dream
  • The top 20 most common dreams and how to interpret them
  • This is an Advanced Workshop in Dreams and Visions

Syllabus Includes:

  • Dreams, riddles and enigmas
  • Understanding God’s ways through colour
  • Interpretation and the ways of God
  • Biblical interpretation – How?
  • Metaphoric thinking
  • Introduction to Street Dreams
  • Strength of revelation


  • You must have taken both Live – The Art of Hearing God and Grow – Understanding Dreams & Visions before taking this course.

This Academy Course was developed by John Paul Jackson over 30+ years of ministry

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