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Free online sessions that unpack and demystify revelation
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Imagery, metaphors, dreams, words from God you don’t understand?      Lab Sessions will help


Lab sessions unpack and demystify revelation – metaphors, imagery, dreams, words from God. 

These interactive, one-hour online sessions are a mix of teaching, biblical interpretation and Q&A.

Virtual classrooms are limited to 40 people, and are delivered via Zoom

Sessions are free, though donations are welcomed

Should I do a Lab Session?

A lab session will help if:

– you want greater understanding of prophetic images, visions, dreams & revelation

– you need simple practical steps to unpack your revelation with God

– you seek interpretations that are spirit-led and biblical

– you want to hone your interpretation skills

– you want to grow and mature in your revelation gifts

Lab Sessions Help You With:


Capturing Revelation

Biblical Understanding

Key Focus Points


Greater Clarity

What To Do Next

Learn With Others

Further Help

How a lab session runs

Proverbs 25:2  “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter”

Lab sessions are 1 hour, interactive, online workshops (via Zoom) that unpack and demystify revelation in a virtual classroom setting.

Sometimes it’s not obvious what God is saying.  The bible is full of metaphors and imagery – and God still speaks like that today through dreams, impressions, pictures, words.

Join Cherie Trent, a seasoned revelation interpreter and professional teacher as she shares the keys God has taught her to decipher and respond to revelation for herself and others.

Always spirit-led, no two sessions are alike, but there’ll be a mix of teaching, interpretation and questions & answers – and whatever level of revelation you currently have you’ll pick up some extra tools.

Always respectful and interactive, you’ll join a classroom with others and learn how to interpret revelation with a biblical lens.

We also have Workshops

Want to go deeper and develop your prophetic and revelation gifts, and learn how to better hear, understand and apply what God is speaking to you?  Join one of our 2-hour, online workshops. 

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