Have you ever had something that was years in the making finally start to happen?  The dream that you’ve held in your heart for years starts to become a reality – and with it comes a mix of excitement and trepidation?  And you look back at the journey to get there and marvel at what God has done?

This first blog post is the culmination of such a journey.  Two and a half years ago, John Paul Jackson of Streams Ministries International invited us to set up a training centre in New Zealand and teach the material that he’d developed over 30 years of studying and pursuing dreams, visions and the Art of Hearing God.  What an honour and privilege to be able to share this with the community in this part of the world.

The journey has been one of seeking God, seeking the right timing, finding the right people to help, preparing hearts and ground, and – if we’re honest – overcoming the sense of ‘who are we to do this?’ and yielding in obedience to the call of God.

We are indebted to all those that have helped us on the journey so far:

  • John Paul for his mentoring and invitation to walk with his community
  • John Crandall and the team at Streams Ministries for supporting and honing the rough diamond that John Paul saw, even in a time of transition for the ministry following John Paul’s passing earlier this year
  • Heather Sutherland of The Dream House for all those Skype mentoring calls!
  • Tony and Dwee Cooke of Streams Training Centre UK for their teaching, training and mentoring
  • Rick Hayes of North Atlantic Dreams for his encouragement
  • Rob Mazza of Destiny Workshops for the conversations
  • John Thomas of Life Empowerment for his wisdom in launching a training centre, and on-going mentoring and encouragement
  • Stuart and Lynley Allan from Catch the Fire Auckland for believing in us, being friends and pastors, and having us on their leadership team despite our many shortcomings
  • And everyone that’s encouraged us along the way!

This week, we’re launching this website, our facebook page, and we have our first teaching session at Aglow.

We hope that as we commence this public journey, that what we have to share is a blessing to you – would you pray for us and with us that God is glorified as we seek to humbly follow His call?

Cherie & Matt