My mission above all else – is to love God and enjoy Him forever. This brings me freedom and a lightness for all the others things I am called to.  What did Jesus say was the greatest commandment after all?  To love the Lord our God with all our heart and mind and soul.

And what is the second greatest?  To love our neighbour as ourself.  And who is our neighbour?  Those who we meet and who we come across in everyday life.

In February, I dressed up as a pirate with a bunch of others and joined the Streams outreach at a pirate festival in Fort Pierce, Florida.  We served people who came past by offering Spiritual Readings (prophecy and words of encouragement), Dream Interpretation (biblically based), Healing Touch (prayer for healing), Spiritual Cleansing (deliverance) and Spiritual Art.

The essence of what we offered was love. To sit down and listen in love, and give love from the Creator flowing through our hearts to them. Two people gave their lives to God. Others were encouraged in their spiritual walk to engage with Him and that He loved them. We had no agenda other than letting people sense the Creator’s love and be drawn closer.

I think I like being a Pirate!

Dates for Term 2:
We will be offering The Art of Hearing God which is our foundation course for all other Streams training including Outreach training in July.

  • May 5 Creative Art Workshop 10am – 1pm $39
  • June 9 Dream Workshop  10am – 1pm $39
  • July 12-14 The Art of Hearing God 6:30pm July 12 – 9pm July 14 $149 including a manual.

For more information see our COURSES, for more specific details and to register see CALENDAR